News and Events

1st July 2019, at 1.30 pm, Final International Dissemination Workshop, London, UK

Innovative approaches for mentoring and supporting the learners for digital adoption.

Presenting the results of a 3 year international project working with older people and partners from Austria, FYR Macedonia, Slovenia and UK:

  • Promoting the gameplay approach to learning digital skills.
  • Introducing new Mentor materials developed as part of the project deliverables.
  • Encouraging sharing of best practice with attendees.

Innovative approaches for mentoring and supporting the end users for digital inclusion will be of interest to:

  • People engaged in formal and informal training in digital skills, facilitators and policy makers.
  • People who volunteer or find themselves helping relatives, friends and neighbours.

For more information and to apply to attend please email:

National Dissemination Workshops

  • UK: 11th April 2019, Beyond ‘Computer Classes’: New Directions For Digital Inclusion and Older People, Sheffield, UK
  • Austria: 30th January 2019, Ars Electronica Center Linz
  • FYR Macedonia:
  • Slovenia:

GIRDA Project Meetings

Final project meeting: London

2nd July 2019, London, UK hosted by MU

Transnational Project Meeting 6: Ljubliana, Slovenia

5-6th February 2019. Hosted by IJS

Meetings in 2018

Transnational Project Meeting 5: Skopje, FYR Macedonia

3-4th October 2018. Hosted by UKIM

BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI 2018) Belfast, UK,

4-6th July 2018

Digital Technology and Older People Workshop

Transnational Project Meeting 4: Velenje, Slovenia

23-24th April 2018. Hosted by AZ LUV

Meetings in 2017

Transnational Project Meeting 3: Linz, Austria

9-10th November 2018. Hosted by JKU, Linz

Transnational Project Meeting 2: Skopje, FYR Macedonia

11-12th May 2017. Hosted by UKIM

Meeting in 2016

Transnational Project Meeting 1: (kick off meeting), London, UK

28-29th November 2016. Hosted by MU