What is GIRDA?

GIRDA: Gameplay for InspiRing Digital Adoption is funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership

GIRDA is a transnational project with partners in UK, Austria, North Macedonia and Slovenia and runs from 2016 to 2019

The project proposed a novel approach to digital education for older citizens. The approach used touch table and touch tablet games to introduce older citizens to digital interaction.

The aim was:

  • to nurture confidence
  • increase motivation
  • develop key skills
  • have fun in a low pressure environment where learning is ‘hidden’.

Project Objectives

Using large touch screens and tablets provides an innovative environment in which to explore Games as a fun, low-risk activity where learners can develop basic skills and understanding. At the same time those helping them have an effective way of passing on their own expertise (however modest that may be).  Those who help can be professional tutors, those who work with older people, volunteers, friends or simply family members.  Our project aims to provide insights and advice for those people to help them play an effective role in whatever setting they find themselves.

Working with our partners in a transnational project our objectives are:

  • To understand what it is about games that can be useful in developing digital skills of older citizens.
  • To examine how giving support and advice, or simply playing the games with a new learner can provide maximum benefits.
  • To develop advice for those who want to play a role in helping older people through the early stages of learning.  This includes practical advice and online materials such as video to help these mentors, volunteers and trainers.

Dissemination of results

At the conclusion of the project the results are being disseminated as best-practice through its relationships with practitioner organisations established at EU level and in the partner countries (UK, Austria, Slovenia, and North Macedonia).

Each country has hosted a multiplier event intended to engage at the national level to promote the findings of the study to individuals and groups involved in bringing digital skills to older citizens.

It will also promote and provide grounding for establishment of similar initiatives in other EU countries through an international event:

Event: Innovative approaches for mentoring and supporting the learners for digital. London, 1st July 2019

For more information and to apply to attend this event please go to News and Events


The picture below was created by one of our participants from Austria using an iPad