Protocol for conducting a game-based learning session with tablets

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Introduction dialog about GIRDA and the workshop concept

Everybody who wants to help people not familiar with tablets or smartphone can conduct a gameplay-based workshop. The workshop and its preparation are organized in eight steps. They are described in the following videos and PDF-files, which contain all necessary information for preparing and implementing a workshop. The videos show the most relevant information for each step. The PDF-files provide more detailed information on the steps and include the documents which are needed in the workshops.

Step 1: Overview of the Mentor Guide

1. Overview of the MG

Step 2: Preparation Game Selection

2. Preparation Game Selection

Categorization Tool for the Game Selection

Step 3: Preparation Workshop

3. Preparation workshop

Step 4: Diagnosis the Learning Conditions

4. Diagnosis of the learning conditions

Step 5: Game selection

5. Game selection

Step 6: Play and Support

6. Play and Support

Step 7: Reflect and Abstract

7. Reflect and abstract

Step 8: Experiment

8. Experiment